Nerves of Steel

It’s Monday. Don’t you just feel like idling around calmly?


Instead of being idle, consider being an idol (or as close as possible).

Well, here comes #NERVEORDiE.

To do so, let’s go and learn the dance to the alt-idol anthem that is Nerve. Your challenge: Let us know how many times you have managed to do Nerve in a row. Use the hashtag on Twitter! Share your results in a friendly competition with strangers on the internet!

All bets are off for what you do around it. Do you want to stage your own WACK-concert minus the ridiculous employee conditions? Would you  rather jump around your living room chaotically throwing your arms and legs back again and again and again?

To keep you motivated, here is a playlist of lives and covers of your new favourite workout, complete with familiar faces!