NECRONOMIDOL’S New Dark Age Is Going to Be Awesome

As we saw the other day, NECRONOMIDOL’s year-starting one-man promised new songs, new look and big announcements. That did not disappoint.

And it looks like they had fun, which, in the context of what follows, should be deeply troubling.

First up, there’s a new album coming before we can even get settled in:

DEATHLESS is its name, there’s a special edition with DVD. If the special features don’t include the sacrifice of at least one fan to some terrible, unspeakable dark god, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Second, they’re going back to the scene of their most vile crimes against humanity Thailand:

Remember, they go to Thailand to recruit children to their dark army.

Third, there’s a one-man tour!

It’s spread out a little so as to allow for the ranks to be replenished, see. And of course they’ll be doing other dates regularly throughout because, you know, you have a dark gospel to spread, you may as well do it on the reg.


Yep. If you ever wanted to join the Dark Girls’ fan club, your next opportunity is coming up!

All in all, Necroma, 2017 is already running screaming from you. Good work. I’m excited.

2 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL’S New Dark Age Is Going to Be Awesome

  1. As an overseas fan I just have to say… New Album? DVD? I’m psyched. I’m just as happy for all the rest of the news, actually. Last fall was tough, almost as tough as Spring 2015 was for Necroma. Risaki, Sari, Hina, Rei and now Himari (Tsuki?)got this and I feel good about it all.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing all that Rei and Himari will bring this year. And digging the fairly conservative new costumes. Risaki’s gear is pretty dope, too.

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