NECRONOMIDOL Welcomes a New Denizen of Darkness

Ever since Kusaka Karen’s graduation last month, it’s been only a matter of time before NECRONOMIDOL unveiled their updated roster with a new member. As one is wont to fear having to say about idols who are the physical embodiment of your nightmares, that day has finally arrived:

Imaizumi Satoshi Imaizumi Rei. Give the future devourer of some poor jerk’s soul a follow, would you?

TY Viz Major for correcting the gender reading that Google horked up.

3 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL Welcomes a New Denizen of Darkness

  1. Yay! New member day in the idol world!

    怜 = Rei. So it would be Imaizumi Rei. Satoshi is the male version reading of it. Gets confusing I know lol.

    Also as long as Hina stays in the group I’m an all around happy guy. 🙂

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