Necronomidol Visits Thailand, Has Fun Corrupting Youths

Necronomidol, the Dark Girls, the metal-meets-darkwave idols who are responsible for the best release of the year in the humble opinion of this site, have traveled to Thailand for a pretty significant little tour, far more ambitious than their trip to New Caledonia (and communion with mind-shattering evil).

Despite having the ability to blight entire hectares of forest with their every word, it seems that Necroma is being well-received. In fact, here’s some short video from one of the their first shows:

But remember the evidence we’d seen about how their long, dark, chilly fingers had crept even into the hearts of children?

Well, Necroma’s trip included a show at Roi Et Dramatical College, where they performed “‘UMR AT-TAWIL” … with the same group of adorable-yet-irretrievably-corrupted youngsters who first serenaded the very darkness itself.

True evil begins at 1:20

It’s only a matter of time before we are all overwhelmed.