NECRONOMIDOL Unveil Their Newest Member: Towa Amou

This past weekend, NECRONOMIDOL introduced us to their newest member during their “revelation of doom” two-man live with Gokigen Teikoku∞.

Meet Towa Amou:

So far, we know very little about the newest Darkness Girl except that she like games stars and omarice. For those who tuned in to Towa’s debut via livestream, it was evident that she also knows how to dance. Her premier was strong, and her dancing seemed crisp and confident. Overall, it appeared like she had been performing with the group for some time. This, despite the latest round of NECROMA auditions closing on November 15th, presumably giving Towa just a couple of weeks (at most) to learn the unit’s songs and choreography.

It is no secret that NECRONOMIDOL has been on a bit of a membership merry-go-round the last couple of years. Their ability to weather this sea of constant change is due to their deep catalog of exceptional material, Himari Tsukishiro’s gravity and talent to serve as a unit anchor, and their consistent vision and management. One other constant of the group seems to be that, when they need to, they are able to attract new members with copious charisma and talent. In this vein, and on first glance, Towa Amou appears to be an ideal addition to the unit.

Almost lost in the debut of Towa-chan, this weekend’s performance also served as Meica’s birthday live. 

So: Welcome Towa!!

Happy birthday Meica!!

Iä Cthulhu! NECRONOMIDOL fhtagn! Iä! Iä!