NECRONOMIDOL Released the Video I Believed Could Not Exist

Which, ha, makes perfect sense if you think about it. They are undead, after all.


So spare. So nature. So black metal-appropriate. And they didn’t even have to burn a church!

I love this song so much. I am so happy that this video exists. The only thing wrong with any of it is that it ends. I’d bless you, Necroma, but I don’t want to bring you harm.

13 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL Released the Video I Believed Could Not Exist

    • Oh! I guess they used some of the money left over from when they did that crowdfunding campaign that turned out to be the Skulls in the Stars video. The contribution rewards included things like “a day on the set,” so maybe this was the plan all along.

  1. I really like that more and more idol groups are reaching out to international audiences by throwing out some English here and there. Great song and vid.

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