NECRONOMIDOL Promises Sweet, Delicious, Fiery Pain on Their New Album

NECRONOMIDOL’s new album — first full-length with the new lineup — is just days away, and you know what that means: IT’S LEAD SINGLE TIME. I know we were all kind of shocked when The Breakup happened, and then intrigued as the new group took form, and then everybody had their own opinions about “santa sangre” but this particular development, this new album, has felt like the part that we’re all most eager for. You like when Necroma dominates your soul and grants you immortality just to inflict as much agony as possible for all time, in song form!

If vämjelseriter can deliver on even a fraction of the promise in here, it’s going to be a hell of a lot of pain:

Jaysus, what a song. I obviously have a strong NECROMA bias, but no, no grains of salt here — if you’re going to give us Necroma as a satanic street gang out looking to commit acts of gross ritual sacrilege with their own blackened NWOBHM theme song, this is how you do it. Frankly, this (musically) is my favorite Necroma spin. They’ve done a lot of cool genre work over the years, but this particular soundscape just works for me. I guess I owe Mr. Perkele a lot of credit! I also get the feeling that Ricky took a very renamimatrices kind of approach here, lyrically and visually, and the conflagration at the end is meant to tie back to what might still be my favorite Necroma MV as a statement of dark renewal that goes deeper than just the general ritual significance. And I will entertain neither competing theories nor evidence to the contrary! Obey my headcanon!

The new group really clicks, though, don’t they? NECRONOMIDOL as a project has gone through a lot of development since 2014, in all artistic phases, so the harmonies here aren’t new, but the what of those harmonies and how these specific members’ voices work together has a different (and very cool) feel to it. And if this is going to be their aesthetic for a little while, then by all means let us embrace that even if yeah the official photo is actually different but more importantly you animals have spent the past 24-and-change hours thirsting like mad animals over Himari and her abs, and she’s enjoying herself very much as a result.

The sentient hell-symbiote that masquerades as Himari’s hair is what should concern you far more

Oh and also we should expect new member/s in the not-too-distant future, too:

Heaven help us all.

The original title of this post was “Look, I’m Not Going to Tell You How to Live Your Life, There Are Apparently Many Ways to Enjoy NECRONOMIDOL,” but Has Fun Writing Maniac was overruled by Tasteful and Smart and Handsome Editor Maniac; Homicidols Dot Com regrets the error

2 thoughts on “NECRONOMIDOL Promises Sweet, Delicious, Fiery Pain on Their New Album

  1. The new album is awesome, I particularly love RITUAL, NECROPOLIS and of course Tupilaq is still just as epic…

    I totally regret not checking out Necroma more until recently… Glad to have fallen into another rabbit hole with alternative rock/metal oriented idols now hehe

    Definitly agree that the current lineup has a bunch of talented singers and Himari’s voice particularly stands out, as hers is a fair bit deeper, which goes so well with heavier tracks like Ritual, Abhoth… Etc

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