NECRONOMIDOL. Live. With a Band.

Yesterday was actually a pretty good start to the week; we got a whole bunch of news about releases and there weren’t any casualties in the marathon and there were even a couple of surprise new MVs. Pretty good day! My highlight, though? See the post title.

“NYX” is off of Necroma’s exquisite from chaos born EP. I don’t know if I could be said to expect any video, much less live, from most of the songs on that record, just given the very distinct moods they convey and the challenge of translating that to a visual medium, but I gotta say, this looks like a lot of fun.

By the way, Necroma’s up in a couple of categories in the Best of 2016, and today’s the very last chance you’ll get to make final adjustments to the ballots. You know, if there were something that you wanted to add or appreciate or something.

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    • its the same dude, he seems to have three accounts that post trash on anything he doesnt like, one them even pretending to be homicidols himself by the look of it ”jonathan(HomicidolManiac)Miller”

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