NECRONOMIDOL Announces Hiatus

NECRONOMIDOL have announced the immediate departure of Hisui Kurogane and the imminent end to their current system. The group will then enter a period of hiatus.

The reasons behind the suspension of activities are detailed very transparently in the following statements from producer Ricky and member Hisui.

If you are interested in additional details about the situation, a member of the recent tour staff posted more information on the NECRONOMIDOL FANS FB page with Ricky’s permission.

I don’t want to editorialize or offer any judgment about this situation. It’s is difficult to fully understand the pressures and emotions felt by young performers touring in a foreign country far from friends and family. I am just glad that everyone was kept safe and the tour was completed successfully. 

NECROMA has been known for it’s turbulent line-up the last few years, but they are also responsible for introducing us to a long string of exceptional performers. We can only hope that Ricky P will be able to concoct a plan that will ensure NECRONOMIDOL’s reemergence like a certain slumbering Old One who lies dreaming in his house at R’lyeh. We shall pray the unit’s return is as inevitable as Cthulhu’s since it’s near impossible to imagine the world of chika idol without NECROMA in it.

NECROMA will perform two more shows: Malin’s birthday live on August 14th and one other final performance before entering hiatus.

For our part, we are full agreement with XTEEN:

One other important thing to note: while NECROMA is on hiatus, Himari will be taking a break from her solo project, Isiliel, as well. Catch her while you can!