NECROMA’s 2019 European Tour: Vampire Castles, Loch Ness and HYPER JAPAN

The NECRONOMIDOL EUROPEAN INQUISITION 2019 announcement has dropped, short on dates but full of intriguing details. For those of you within affordable travel distance of London, the one date you will certainly want to save is the mid-July weekend of HYPER JAPAN.

NECROMA will be joining the distinguished ranks of former HYPER JAPAN alumni including Yoshiki and Toshi (X Japan),, friends of Homicidols Mutant Monster and, and site favorite LADYBABY.

In all, Necroma confirmed eight summer gigs in six European countries, including a couple of out-of-the-way spots with some rather esoteric connections.

Necroma will be playing what we can only assume is the first ever chika idol gig in Loch Ness, Scotland, home of everyone’s favorite amphibious monster, Nessie (who is obviously a Deep One from the undersea city of Y’ha-nthlei).

Later in the tour, they will be visiting Slovakia and the Castle of Čachtice, former home of one the most prolific serial killers of all time, the Bloody Countess, Elizabeth Bátory. The iconic castle also served as the set of one of the very first vampire films: 1922’s classic, Nosferatu.

I am sure the Darkness Girls will feel right at home.

Hopes are that this is the start of a cryptid world tour with international stops in werewolf and bigfoot territories and a tour final in Roswell, New Mexico or Area 51.

In the meantime, tickets are already on sale for HYPER JAPAN.  More details on the rest on Europe’s summer of darkness will surely be forthcoming.