Or, rather, will live!

TY Caleb!

This article has more on the specifics, including the stage schedules for each day of the event; the Premium Stage on the 2nd is practically unfair.

This is pretty encouraging! The promise of this power lineup wound up falling a little bit flat at JAM because a few of the members got a little too committed to the idea of power pop and tried to shout through reality, but they can still probably do some good stuff. And this is a great chance to sell another single!

It’d be cool for NATASHA to roll out as a quasi-regular thing for big events, especially given how much the members seemed to enjoy their earlier work together. It all just got so quiet at JAM; other than this little one-off with two of the five members —

— I was starting to think that the supergroup might not be all that super.

The event was called “predia Attack vs. Osaka Shunkashuto” and of course you have to put NATASHA on the bill for that

But they’re coming back! Even if maybe just for one more stage, that’s still better than nothing.

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  1. Have tickets for this and would love to see it but with three different venues I doubt I will be able to catch them.

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