NATASHA Is Coming Back. Help.

Yes, friends, loud/altdol supergroup NATASHA will be coming back for this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival, and with a fresh single to boot:

Also minus Rinne (whose new MV I’d share, but it’s region-blocked), which is fine; she was mostly color even last year. The remaining four are a great collection of big idol voices and, well, Chitti, who sort of abandoned her wheelhouse for “Justice in the Sky” to get a little more sultry, ultimately being somewhat overshadowed by a lot of bellowing by her groupmates.

If you’re new to this whole thing, this is what NATASHA did in their first iteration:

More of the same this year? Probably! I still have a bounty out on that debut single, and I’ll happily double the price if the new one can come along, too.

Sayonara to you, Rinne; I’m glad that you made friends with people.

2 thoughts on “NATASHA Is Coming Back. Help.

    • lmao
      This is good news, although Rinne will be missed because a rap break really makes you realize that you’re on a damn JOURNEY when you listen to that song.
      I’m glad it’s debuting on stage too, because the imagery of the women taking a little step forward before belting out their ridiculous woooooooo’s is so perfect.

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