N.FENI Has Your Song of the Summer Right Here!

A Friend of Homicidols™ is a friend indeed, a wise person once said. N.FENI may no longer be identifying as the charming human named Yoneko, (or even Kanra) and may no longer subscribe to the occasionally limiting genre classification of “idol”, but they’re absolute royalty in our eyes, and we want to do anything for them.

The belief is simple really: If you emerged from one of the most seminal chika units of all time, and you continue a music career that’s going to create music this outstanding, then yeah, we’re right there with you!

And “FUNNY TATOO SEAL” is really outstanding…

This track comes from the newly released “SUMMER EP”, which includes two other terrific tracks also written by N.FENI. Everything about the release is as bright and fresh as a perfect summer day, from the brilliant songs to the beautiful artwork with a very cool looking disc. This is lo-fi indie-pop twee genius that makes life better and makes us better people for it.

Look, I’m just gonna tell you flat out: I want the world for N.FENI. I want them to be full-on indie pop superstars. If it doesn’t happen for them, then we really do live in a cruel world like the jaded souls claim. I want them to be written about in all the hipster magazines and go on tour with CHAI. They deserve it, dammit!

N.FENI’s Summer EP is available through international sellers like CD Japan, and also streaming right now. You can type their name just like you see here and they pop up. Make your friends listen to it. Play the absolute heck out of them all summer and into the fall. Actually, just keep playing them forever, it’ll be healthy for you!

One thought on “N.FENI Has Your Song of the Summer Right Here!

  1. Since I can’t comment on the youtube video, I’ll mention here that it’s great!
    Don’t make the same mistake I did: N-Feni’s music IS on Spotify but you can only find it if you put their name in Japanese characters: ん・フェニ

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