My Heart (Pochicon) Breaks a Little, But All Wounds Will Heal

I missed it the other day, but my latest New Favorite Thing in Heart ni Pochicon (as I have been advised to call them) is in a bit of disarray: Fuyu (you may know her by her cigarette and bulldog expression) is heading to the hospital for some R&R.

Ordinarily, as examples like Yasui Yuuhi have taught us, when an idol goes on hiatus for health reasons, it’s often an elegant way of moving them out of the picture until they can be quietly graduated without fuss or muss. Fortunately:

I care about this stuff. There are a whole bunch of groups with names that start with B that kind of run the popularity show around here, but I personally love these kinds of idols — this is underground, and they are the ones that most embody the homicidol spirit.

I have no idea where Heart ni Pochicon comes from, what their backstory and/or motivations are, but I like to imagine that they’re a couple of college-age friends who decided to have some fun messing around at idoling in a way that pretty much nobody else is doing, raunchy and tawdry and trashy, and it turned into a little bit of a thing. I doubt they have grand ambitions, and that’s fine. Have fun with it, make a little bit of money, have weird Americans tweet at you. I just described literally thousands of bands’ experiences.

But all of that is why my heart warmed to them. And I really want Fuyu to come back and come back strong. Even in a post-BiS world, idol’s still so damn self-serious that it’s nice when somebody feels perfectly at home bringing this kind of attitude to the party.

And maybe she’ll even be able to quit smoking along the way!

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