My Body Isn’t Ready for Yanamyu’s New Album

I’m still recovering from BUBBLE, for golly’s sake.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute, the perfect modern idols, who will be perfectly bringing their perfect brand of perfection to the United States in lo but a few months, will be doing it with a new album, their second full:

Officially out in June, but on-site sales will happen during May dates of the puddle tour.

What will it sound like? Probably a lot like the this, from Gyu-no Fes:

Daemon made a really interesting comment about last year’s Best Of community winners, that idol is ephemeral, but BUBBLE is an album that he’d still be listening to years down the line. I’m in that same boat, man; if I closed up shop and took only a passing interest in idol, of the very small handful of acts that I’d still deliberately follow, Yanamyu would be one of them, and there’s a good as hell chance that they’d be the only ones that I’d put money and energy into.

If this album’s good (and you know damn well that it’s going to be way more than good), I’ll also officially have my designated Idols That I Force Other People to Listen To on lockdown; no more trying to turn people on to the extreme fringes or getting eyeballs onto something that’s as much visual spectacle as musical — just straight-ahead timelessly gorgeous rock music powered by an ever-developing quartet of singers. Have mercy.