Mugen Regina Is Back

Here’s one that we’ve known was coming, but it’s finally real and I’m glad; fantasy/gothic idols Mugen Regina, who were disbanded at the end of last year and felt like a legitimate missed opportunity, were suddenly going to get a reboot, and that’s just aces.

Their last live was … yesterday? Two days ago? Here’s their little intro video:

Are any of these girls the trainees that were part of the project for like a week last year?

It’s cool that, as far as what I can glean out of Twitter (not much!), they’re still going with full-on adults as the idols. Of course, considering one Haruno Megumi, there may be gravure considerations involved. And I can’t tell if this is saying that they are or aren’t going to be doing the group’s old songs, but please keep “from hell” in the rotation just for me?

Happy Friday. The Corenament’s Final Four is upon us, as is a very important announcement.