Mugen Regina Goes Gentle into That Good Night

It’s official: After their third one-man the other night, Mugen Regina, Last Idol Standing from the Life Is Sweet Music / Luna Factory family, has suspended activities, with alumni and friends in attendance for one final go with the fans:

We knew about the suspension/hiatus/death going back a while, but now Maako (after 238 shows!) is officially retiring. And so ends one of the worst possible years an agency could have, with the rebooted group falling apart and the effective face of the company going solo and the other reboot kind of withering on the vine in painful slow motion.

What’s kind of twisted is that there’s still the off chance that this is a legitimate suspension, and a thing called Mugen Regina will be back after some time to re-tool, possibly even with Zaki still involved as a leader of sorts. There were the two trainee / provisional members, after all, and lest we forget that this project was kind of the hotness not all that long ago. Megumi’s still out there, doing whatever she’s doing. There’s some kind of hope.

But what inauspicious times for the metal side of idol. The lot of international fans who followed the Babymetal trail all the way to Shinjuku Loft and the Mugen Reginas and Haloperi Dolls of the world don’t have a whole lot to go on anymore — yeah, NEXT is building up strength and Fruitpochette is Fruitpochette, and there are always neat idol kei projects and the like around the edges, but what once seemed like a burgeoning scene unto itself has been almost completely eclipsed by the post-punk and alt-rock projects.

That’s just an observation, and only partly in context to the real subject at hand, but it does feel fairly full-circle.

3 thoughts on “Mugen Regina Goes Gentle into That Good Night

  1. Life Is Sweet Music had a good run for a while there in the beginning. I liked Mugen Regina’s music when they first started releasing songs and I thought that Yuri Naruse did pretty good on her solo tracks. My favorite out the label was always Reon Kurosaki. Such unique vocals and a great look. I think things started to go down a bit when she was no longer lead in Haloperi Doll and the first generation of that group folded (side note: I still think Haloperi Doll is one of the most badass greatest idol unit names ever). The 2.0 version of them was not bad but for me did not really deliver the same overall feel as when Reon was on vocals.

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