More, uh, Nue Idols, You Guys

You would not believe how many puns I left on the cutting-room floor

Well look what the cat kind of very slowly but eventually dragged in, you guys! After previous existence*, previous hiatus and pretty solid radio silence, Nue (who you may actually be following, who knows!) (Twitter) is not just back to being a thing, but doing it in a way that says, hey, here we are and now it’s serious business. In fact, they did it basically in one shot, and if you weren’t paying attention already, maybe now you will be:

OH COOL AN MV! you say, and that’s a good reaction, for while the video is very adequately there, the song is actually employing a lot of fun in its chunky chugs and surprisingly elegant vocals around the neo-traditional stylings. And like kind of a breakdown, making it like a happier version of “Megitsune”! However, while this is neat and new, it’s not so much that Nue is new, you know? Like, Nue doesn’t have a pedigree per se, but there was an original version of the group that did some stuff — I even have an earlier draft of this post from when I originally wanted to highlight them! — that was active for a few months before, splat, the kind of thing that often happens to idols. Then Official sprang back to life a couple of weeks ago …

… and landed here the other day:

Fresh faces, first real MV, and maybe a renewed Nue starting anew will be news just this once. Good luck to them!

You’re welcome

*See website linked immediately following!