More Duality Idols in Action

Oh man, do you guys remember Kimi to Utatane? That was an interesting look in on another manager-firing super-indie project that was starting at an even lower point than Gekijo-ban. They’re apparently a little busier lately, and just teased out these promo photos:

Good look! And they sound like?

Duality indeed. Keep it up, idols. You may not be Jekyll and Hyde, but you’re on the same Trash-Up!! circuit as Dots and company; may you climb that ladder and enjoy some of the same early-going success.

2 thoughts on “More Duality Idols in Action

  1. I was happy to see this happening, I have been following this group for a while and it is nice to see something happening.

    ……. Now is we can just get something from 哀しみを喰べるモンスター (kanashimi for short I believe)

    • Okay, how fortuitous that you brought them up.

      I never did follow up on this tip from our friend @cobranaconda, but somebody apparently set off a firework at a Kanashimi show a while back. And a quick look at their Twitter account shows no activity for like two months. The individual members, yes, but it’s like the group just up and stopped.

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