More Babymetal U.S. Tour Dates, with Korn and Stone Sour et al

Well if this wasn’t a fun surprise for the afternoon:

I’m taking the dates listed in this article to be the definitive ones, a bunch of stuff out West but none of Korn’s shows elsewhere in the country.

Still, that’s good news! Guns N Roses, Metallica and RHCP already this year, and now some of the great innovators of modern heavy music all in a single tour. Even though it’s pretty much the nail in the coffin of Babymetal doing standalone dates (not worrying about festival season) for this year, barring some Western activity in the late summer and autumn, it’s a good thing. They’ll have a chance to get deeper with another base of fans, possibly join Korn onstage for … actually, I hope that doesn’t happen, just for their sake, but definitely broaden their base and continue to grow.

Last year, as the Metal Resistance lead-up was ongoing, I thought the sum total of Amuse’s strategy looked a lot like a long-term commitment beginning to unfold. And goofy conspiratorial musings aside, that just keeps being confirmed. Babymetal is becoming an entity that’s here to stay.

I was just talking about this with my brother; a round of support dates for some of the biggest heavy bands on the planet (plus hip-hop!) is a great way to develop a full-on headliner tour to coincide with the release of the next album, which I’ll guess would come in spring 2018. That’s headliner, not standalone or support, but leading other acts, the way it’s usually done. No, I’m not guessing that any other idols will be included — idol will always idol, after all — but it could be a great entry point for other bands in Amuse’s portfolio or up-and-coming innovators who aren’t afraid to break away from what can be a pretty staid way of performing.

Good stuff.

3 thoughts on “More Babymetal U.S. Tour Dates, with Korn and Stone Sour et al

  1. I can do without yelawolf being in this lineup. If I went to this show I would hope that Babymetal would play first so I could leave Immediately afterwards and not have to sit through that shit. I seen Korn once and they were good but now days I’m not really into them anymore and I don’t care for those other bands.

  2. I think a lot of people fail to understand that in Japanese business they play a long game. In many respects Sakura Gakuin is a training ground for talent first, and if they can make some money along they way great. They do not maximize the income they could from the group, so what are they getting? Talent (though that seems thin lately)

    I think you may be right, that this year is laying the foundation for a headlining tour next year. One of the knocks against Babymetal by haters is they have not paid their dues. Well here they are, paying dues, and networking with some big names.

    Next year, headliner tour seems a good bet. Yui and Moa will have graduated (I think senior year is also a factor affecting their availability). Support act? Gacharic Spin and Band Maid seem two good candidates, or maybe a western band?

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