Monster of Dolls interviews, Part 1: Sari

First, apologies that it’s a little short. Translation difficulties I alluded to elsewhere meant that the chat was not as free-flowing as I had hoped. But hey, isn’t this the first post-Necronomidol interview with Sari?I’m pretty sure it’s the first one in English, so let’s claim that.  Friends, Romans, countrymen: presents…


How is our one-time Official Homicidols oshi?

I was surprised because I did not know this website but when I knew this site I was really, really happy because these things are very, very interesting for me.

What are you up to then? You did music for a game? And some modelling?  What’s next?

At the moment I am singing some more music and trying acting auditions.

At this point Sari switched to giving her answers in English for the rest of the interview.

Do you find no longer being an idol to be a liberating feeling?  Do you sometimes think you’ll miss it?

Idol is very fun and so good, it’s safety, but I want freedom so I am really happy now.

Do you attend idol lives now as a fan?

My friends Oyasumi Hologram…Miss August – Hachigatsu-chan, two of my friends so I went to Oyaholo’s one man at Shinjuku Loft and last week I went to Necronomidol’s one-man at Kinema Club, maybe one week ago. Also Necronomidol live is nostalgic and emotional but I’m not idol already I’m not…want…my justice.

Will you and Yuki [a.k.a. NEMLESSS] be going on more international trips together?

I hope.

We think you should make a web series out of it and include street performances of your music.

Yuki is a youtuber, Yuki is my friend but Yuki and me contrast.

Is Shironuri make-up now a part of your past, or do you still get the urge to wear it sometimes?

I still wear Shironuri sometimes.

Do you ever wear your Queen of the Scene tiara around the house?

Yes of course.  I went to America so I was given a tiara in America.

And you still have it?

It’s in my house.

Sari, smiling onstage at Monster of Dolls, Bologna, 2019

Header photo courtesy @SalemBlack4Ever, blurry but smiley photo by Chris. Thanks to Monster of Dolls and Sari for the interview.