Mondays Can Start Right: Let Bunny Kiss Fuel You

That thing I was saying about how following X, Y and Z can lead to fun discoveries? Here’s a great example: Over on the Idolmetal Facebook group, up popped on Friday this track from the heard-of-em-but-know-nothing Bunny Kiss:

Man, that’s fun!

I have no idea when or where I first came across the name of Bunny Kiss, but suffice it to say that this is the first song of theirs that I’ve actually heard. As it turns out, though, they’ve been at it since at least 2013 and very recently joined Mad Magazine Records (along with Fruitpochette and Himekyun Fruit Can), which you wouldn’t know to look at their official website, but here’s the confirmation:

That’s for their latest single, “Delusion Revolution,” which isn’t even a month old yet. Because their YouTube presence is quite limited, here’s a (very) old live:

I have my issues with Mad Magazine, but none of them have to do with putting out a great product; regardless of where Bunny Kiss came from, I consider this a plus-positive move.

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