Monday Match Game: Who’s the Real King of the Monsters?

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game! Last week’s contest saw Billie Idle crush their poor namesake (Billy Idol) in a mismatch as complete as it was expected.

This week, we complete the run of puns based on idols’ names by getting a little monstrous. Yes, folks, while it’s fun to pit like-named human beings against one another, it’s quite another to stand up idols against analogous primal forces with the very future of the nation of Japan at stake.

In this corner, the most iconic movie monster of all time, a prehistoric reptilian mountain of destruction whose very name evokes fear, awe and probably a little bit of pants-wetting in those who hear it. In the other corner, a newcomer to the idol game but no stranger to fear-inspiring behavior in her own right. Two powerful enigmas enter, but only one will leave!

Did you really think it wouldn’t eventually get here? I am very, truly, deeply sorry, but this is the payoff to the run that began by pitting Mashiro against Mashiro. Yes, I definitely planned the whole thing just for this moment. I am a doofus.

Nonetheless, while this opening section of the Monday Match Game has reached its terrible, terrible conclusion, we’ll keep it going! I have a few more fan-hating lineups planned out, and then we’ll make it a wide-open community thing, where your contest suggestions meet the scrutiny of your peers. Fun!

Also, fwiw, I’m a little bit embarrassed to find that Gozeela herself has already embraced this whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: Who’s the Real King of the Monsters?

  1. I wanted to see Shin Godzilla but it didn’t play in my city, meanwhile I was able to purchase BiS 2 without jumping through any hoops, so I’ve got to roll with Gozeela on this one!

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