Monday Match Game: Who is the real MGC?

Yes the Monday Match Game makes one of it’s occasional re-appearances to settle a paramount question to the team at Homicidols.  Long time readers may dimly remember the Match Game as a frivolous and, if we’re honest – pointless, contest where we take two things from the idol world which share some superficial connection and encourage you to vote for the one you like best.  And we have a chuckle and then forget about it and don’t even look at the results because they aren’t important.

Well this one is important!  There are now two idol groups going around with the initialisation MGC and it’s giving me a headache in the Team Chat.  Therefore you, our dear public, must decide which of the two following groups gets exclusive use of this three letter abbreviation on the pages of

Spacey MGC – Machida Girls’ Choir

We covered three-part-harmony idols Machida Girls’ Choir last year and since then they have released a space themed concept album Orion Meteor Shower which is simply lovely.  Probably too lovely for this website that claims to promote “the hard side of idol” but I heartily recommend it if you want something more chill.  (Top tip: search for まちだガールズクワイア if you can’t find it on your favourite streaming service – there’s some inconsistent naming issues going on.)  And anyway they can also rawk as the chosen representative MV demonstrates:

Spooky MGC – Melty Ghost Club

Challenging for the MGC title are new upstarts Melty Ghost Club.  Signed to YABACUBE, already home of current “most insane idol act” title holders PLANCK STARS, this quartet announced their presence to the world covered in sheets, like Proper Ghosts are.  I had hoped the sheets would stay because anonymous idols are cool, but alas.  But they do have a member called simply Inu (Dog)!  Here’s their debut MV for Spooky Party!!!:

Who is the best and therefore real MGC?  Vote!

***voting closed***

We’ll check back in a week and MGC will thenceforth refer, within this blog, only to the poll victors.  The losers will only ever be abbreviated as Machiga or, er, Meltigo I guess.


Well, I had hoped to start a bitter rivalry between the two groups but they both have more dignity than that.  One group however, did retweet the poll and this is probably what caused them to be in the lead before our crappy free poll hosts said we’d reached some limit and would have to cough up actual money to continue.  Instead of which, we will close the poll now and announce that Melty Ghost Club got 75% of the vote and are the official MGC of Homicidols!  Congratulations!