Monday Match Game: Monkey or Doge?

While performing at Super Music Festival over weekend, PLANCK STARS announced that they have added new member.

Meet Puri-Chan!

Yes, Puri-Chan is a Shibu Inu, and when they aren’t busy being an idol, they also work as a runway model. 

This isn’t PLANCK STARS first non-homo sapien member. You may remember back in early July when monkey-member Nihon Zaru (aka Zarurun) joined the group and then was immediately placed on hiatus due to poor dancing skills. We haven’t seen Zarurun since, but they are still officially a member of the group as far as we can tell.

Today, in our Monday Match Game, we will be asking you to choose your favorite non-human member of PLANCK STARS. But first, we want to thank you for taking part in last week’s match up and helping us pick the new Homicidols marketing slogan. “The Killer Side of Idol” won by a healthy margin, but “Rolling Stone for People Whose Neil Young is Pour Lui” also picked up quite a few votes. We’ll be rolling out the new branding this week!