Monday Match Game: Mashiro vs. Mashiro

I like to keep things spicy around here. No, there’s no shortage of new idols to learn about or new videos to look at, and goodness knows I’m making a hell of an ask of you guys with the whole Best of 2016 business, but it’s always nice to introduce some new stuff.

And this is new! I’m calling it the Monday Match Game, and it’ll run until I or we run out of ideas, or pure, unadulterated malaise strikes it down simile awkward metaphor!

The thing is, idols are interesting. But they’re even more interesting when they’re pitted against one another in metaphorical mortal combat based entirely on completely tenuous associations between them!

As such, our first entry in the first Monday Match Game pits the Queen of Yami-Kawaii against the Most Metal Cheerz Model in the World. Yes, friends, in a fight to the death, who emerges victorious — Mashiro or Mashiro?

It’s a lot harder to decide than you think, isn’t it? On the one hand, Mashiro; on the other, Mashiro. Both manage to make looking tortured and abused into an art form. Both are involved with some of the most exciting output of the year. Tough call!

10 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: Mashiro vs. Mashiro

  1. I feel like zenkimi Mashiro could turn violent as hell if in a situation like this. She can be a little scary

  2. ZenKimi Mashiro for me. She brings her a-game to every performance and lives every song you can see it.

  3. I’m actually surprised ZenKimi Mashiro is not running away with it. Must be that private email server she had.

  4. Mashitan (DEEP GIRL). It was love at first sight lol. She is one of the most stunning idols I have seen, great personality, and her amazing performance in the “I kill” MV steals the show. ZenKimi Mashiro is awesome too though.

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