Monday Match Game: Billie Idle vs. Billy Idol

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game! Last week, in a runaway win for Aina the End, we had a decisive divide between folks with different levels of exposure to the scene — LOW-INFORMATION VOTERS SWUNG THE ELECTION! Either way, fun.

This week! It’s a whole lot of punk up in here. Old punk. Punk from the 80s old punk. Punk that your parents (and maybe you!) bopped to old punk. Punk that just so happens to also sound great coming from idols in 2016!

In this corner, impossibly prolific not-idol punks extraordinaire, friends of Pharrell and post-BiS fan favorites Billie Idle; in this, uh, other corner, the misguided soundtrack to so many proms, weddings and makings-of-babies Billy Idol. Two will enter, but only one will leave and get to continue to use some variation of their homophonic names!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: Billie Idle vs. Billy Idol

  1. I really want to know if Billy Idol is aware of Billie Idle.

    I dug the heck out of old-school Billy back in the day. I mean, “White Wedding” and “Hot in the City”, man! And GenX was pretty great!

    But Billy got goofy in the later half of his career, and that cover of “Mony Mony”, didn’t help his image much. Ultimately, the girls are the new freshness and I’m gonna go with them.

    Another true back-in-the-day story. As a teenager I read that Billy Idol put toothpaste in hair to make it stand up in that classic Idol way. So, umm, guess who tried that? So far, Uika hasn’t made me do try anything dumb yet, although I certainly would if she demanded I do it.

    • I would do anything that Uika demanded of me. Anything. I wouldn’t even need a reward; her acknowledgement of my existence would be enough.

      You *could* do the dye-your-hair-a-different-color-every-month thing, though.

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