Monday Match Game: Beauty and Brutality

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game! Last week, in a true clash of titans, BiS’s enigmatic Gozeela defeated international film star and Japanese kaiju icon, the literal King of All Monsters, Godzilla. And I finally made my joke pay off!

This week, it’s down to brass tacks, brass knuckles and maybe even brass balls. Idols are supposed to be cute and sweet and delivering pleasant-sounding music; these idols, though, are of a completely different sort. From some foul spot deep inside their souls (or possibly from the work of well-compensated vocal coaches!) spews forth such harsh, demonic screaming that one could be forgiven for wondering whether this is even idol anymore at all and instead some cruel joke played upon unsuspecting music fans.

Yes, friends, last week pitted monster against monster; this week, it’s titan versus titan!

In this corner, fresh off of her group’s first international single release, a genuine master of disaster, the primal sounds of clubcore rage itself; in the other corner, leading the human personification of emotional distress, their album prophetically named for the state of the world after its release, anguish and hatred rolled into a ball of black and blue.

We may all be winners when these two pint-sized pontiffs of power collide, but only one can be left standing!

7 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: Beauty and Brutality

  1. I’ve seen live footage of Yuna absolutely roaring like a possessed demon, so my vote will have to go to her just on the basis of I haven’t seen or heard shidares live efforts properly yet!

    Managed to get that all out without one emoji being used too, which is nice!

  2. Oh god LOL just when I thought “Mashiro vs. Mashiro” the previous time was tough enough to contemplate on this takes it to a whole new level. This is almost like deliberating on an answer to the question “Would you like a brand new free Lamborghini or a brand new free Ferrari?”

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