Monday Match Game: Aina vs. Maina

Welcome back to the Monday Match Game! Last week’s contest pitted two tiny, tiny heavyweights against each other in a showdown of shattered psyches. Yes, after a full day of voting, Mashiro (Zenkimi) defeated Mashiro (DEEP GIRL), taking full advantage of the fact that her competition was literally in the hospital while it all went down.

This week, it’s pint-sized power voices on point! In the red corner, the dynamic center of one of the hottest things in the history of idolcore; in the blue, the leading musical polymath whose seasonal work is taking a dance unit into the limelight.

That’s right, friends. In a test of pure power punchers, who’s it gonna be?

That’s the one bad thing about NATASHA: Chitti was great and all, but can you imagine Aina in there divaing it up with the rest of them, literally going toe-to-toe with Maina? Some poor mic tech’s head would’ve exploded.

11 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: Aina vs. Maina

  1. Devil’s advocate: Aina’s voice is kind of muted by its own smokiness! There’s no question she can let ‘er rip, but from what I’ve seen of Maina (which is only that one Natasha song), she’s pretty unbridled.
    With that said, I love BiSH and I don’t know any of Maina’s other songs, so I should vote for Aina but I already said devil’s advocate!

  2. Tough competition there. I already knew Aina was gonna have majority of the votes before I even clicked anything. I love Aina, her voice is truly remarkable but I voted MAINA. To me she is the best vocalist in music right now. I doubt many people have actually listened to a lot of her music. Osaka Syunkasyuto is not really talked about as much as the acts with a bigger buzz like BiSH.

    Her vocal range is amazing and the way she delivers her voice with so much power, passion and personality is simply incredible. It’s the type of voice that is so good it gives you goosebumps. If she was a singer in the U.S. just starting to get recognition there is no doubt she would have every producer and record exec knocking at her door.

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