Monday Match Game: A Question of Style

Now that all of our other work is behind us, friends, and we’re firmly into 2017, it’s time to bring back the Monday Match Game. This one is … a little different.

Kawaii. It’s the foundation of the idol look, no matter how it manifests; it can be cool, creepy, goth, brutal, adorable and so on. Really, the only limits on how to express kawaii are the limits on the human imagination. And, as something of a culture unto itself, kawaii has its own subcultures, some of which become fashion-forward trends that manifest on the idol stage.

In this corner, the kawaii of illness and addiction, pale and pastel, self-loathing and society rejection; in the other, fantasies that are just a little bit off, like a dreamscape filled with wonders that melt every time you try to touch them. Two definitive trends in idol enter, but only one will survive!

6 thoughts on “Monday Match Game: A Question of Style

  1. For a season like winter, a time of rest, repose and idly planning for far off futures, I will have to go for yume-kawaii. Yami will be perfect when it’s fall again.

  2. I hope you’re not using MBG as an example of yami-kawaii! They’re some of the most normal-lookin’… humanoid idols in the game

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