Moecore Gakuen Is Doing It Again

Here’s a blast from the relative past. Do you guys remember forever and a half ago when we took a nice long look at Moecore Gakuen and enjoyed it and laughed among ourselves and did virtual high-fives and stuff? Well, they’re back:

For the record: I messed up my neck/back something fierce the other day, so my attention span for any one thing is limited to how long my body is willing to fight to sit up straight and look at the one thing. Therefore, while I did in fact check to see if this was for a single or TV show or what, I did not receive confirmation of the same, and I don’t feel like scrolling even deeper through SHOWROOM announcements. So here it stands! Good to see you again, Best-named Group in Idol!

2 thoughts on “Moecore Gakuen Is Doing It Again

  1. Yes, it’s a single. Released at the same time as Shiny Dream (which they all signed for me – yay!)

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