Mmm, Fresh Malcolm Mask McLaren

Forgive me the triple-M puns, friends, as I find any and all alliterative allusions to advantageous aidoru ingenues appallingly appropriate. Malcolm Mask McLaren, in this case, a unit that we very simply don’t get to see enough of, are releasing just their third single in a couple of weeks, and “Light on!!” here is the lead and proof that we definitely don’t get enough of MMM:

Light on? Right on? Fight on?

I think a few folks are still smarting over Nao’s graduation from last year*, and that’s fine (we all have our oshis, after all), but please do allow me to retort: The group, despite a little bit of a dip for one hot minute, has been doing increasingly good things ever since “Bordeaux”; the move to Quartet MMM has been one long, chuggy run to a noisy experience that we’re all the better for. I’m also loving the aesthetic that they’ve been taking, more fully embracing the skate punk thing that fits them so well.

Now, as for me, I’m going to continue to pretend that I don’t get compulsively angry with the mere existence of easycore by coming up with more alliterations. GIVE ME A LETTER!

*Or, if you’re like me, ditching the masks