Mistress Has Very Loud Video, Too

So on top of all of that other stuff from yesterday, including and especially that of it that trickled over into today (coming right up!), we have this grinding little corker from mistress:


I don’t know what “Disturbing the Real” is meant to mean, or I guess what is meant by “the Real,” but you know what? It doesn’t matter!

This is another one from their EP (out today!), and another one from Shinozaki Kokoro, and another one that’s crunchy and gnarly and idolly enough all at once to make me nod approvingly.

The shame of it is that I’d feel badly holding it for Thursday Hurtsday, where it really belongs, so here I am, forced to deliver unto the loudol masses live video and loud music. I don’t even have a WTF yet!

Happy Tuesday … for now, I guess.