Melt Brain? Melt Music

Unless you’re a regular Weekender-er, folks, chances are that you haven’t heard of melt music or their previous incarnation as JoanJoan. After having debuted I guess round about a year and a half ago, coming out of the excellent Osaka chika scene, they’ve had ups and downs and through it all they’ve been a projected that I personally held in very high esteem and supported as much as one can support a barely-there creative venture from a bazillion miles away.

And now maybe you can get into them too! They just dropped a couple of tracks onto Soundcloud yesterday. This is good:

This is better:

I like how they’re both so innocently tagged “idol”

It kills me how smaller idol acts can be so inaccessible, not because they don’t put out everything that they can, but because there isn’t as much to put out, and because their every errant fart doesn’t get reported out and talked about and RTed halfway to death before noon. Back when melt music was still JoanJoan, I about burst when I first learned about them, and kept hoping for more advances and a breakout, only to … lose track, like a goof, because it takes really deliberate effort to follow smaller projects, and I barely had the time back when I did have time. Getting to keep up this much is a blessing.

I think this was Weekendered, but it’s some of the melt music live experience:

This has never failed to be a genuinely cool and interesting project, and I wish this new iteration well.