Meet Your Project aW, Now EMPiRE, or Don’t Meet Them Quite Yet

Say, do you guys remember the WACK Expo back in the spring, when Saki and Aya got traded and Panluna and Fetus-chan got added to BiS and Watanabe announced that two of the auditioners were being added to a random upcoming WACK+avex project that was codenamed Project aW? And then nothing came of it and I made fun of it?

Well shut my mouth, it’s hear:

Now called EMPiRE and at least temporarily clad in some sort of cross between the most ridiculous hood ever, a bad take on a Klansman* Halloween costume and what looks vaguely like a Native American art motif from the U.S. southwest**, it’s the usual shenanigans for a Watanabe-led project — until they have 10,000 Twitter followers (I’m guessing for the group official), those identities stay hidden.

For now, all we get are YUiNA, YUKA, YU-Ki, MiDORiKO and MAYU as names. You can follow them on Twitter (use this). I hope that they don’t all individually need the follower numbers, as that took forever even with Ayuni D.

I was going to say that it’s a step up from the ol’ bare-skin-black-eyes thing, but … it really isn’t. I feel badly for everybody associated with that outfit, possibly except for Watanabe, as I’m assuming that he approved it and should be smacked in the head.

*”Secret Empire”, get it? Holy crap, that better not be the case

**For real, if any one of these things is especially Japanese and I’m just missing the boat, go ahead and say so; I’ll continue to point and laugh a little for the time being

11 thoughts on “Meet Your Project aW, Now EMPiRE, or Don’t Meet Them Quite Yet

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  2. Looks like a homemade last minute Halloween costume version of those helmets BABYMETAL wore for some promo shots in like 2015.

  3. The BABYMETAL helmets were based on the one worn by Gamo Ujisato, a daimyo during the Sengoku period. These EMPiRE hoods may have some reference to a daimyo helmet design but I think they intended them to be exactly how they look. We all know Watanabe is like the Kanye West of Idol and controversy sells.

    The EMPiRE logo looks like it might be a mix between the Patriarchal cross mirrored vertically and a 90 degrees rotated version of the Adinkra symbol Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu.

  4. Could some of the other girls be members of existing groups because some of those eyes look familiar – like the one on the far left really looks like Aya.

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