Maybe I Can Get You Guys on the Ophelia 20mg Train, Too

Programming note! After the favorable response to the idea of including WTF content on Tuesdays, I thought it might be fun to do something commemorative on the days of the week that we aren’t already; for the time being (like, until I or you get a better idea), we’ll make Hump Day into Indie Idol Wednesday, when we’ll have a look at somebody cool and good who’s plying her trade powered mostly by her talent, wits and fervent underground wota. First up, my personal favorite of the type.

Ophelia 20mg! If I were ever in Japan for more than a few days, I’d seriously consider traveling to wherever this committed power-voiced solo idol happened to be performing* just to see her do her thing, then shake her hand and tell her that I’m the goofy American who periodically tweets at her, and then I could watch her recoil in horror. Exciting!

This video is a good example of why it’s worth going through your YouTube subscriptions sometimes — you’re not going to see everything on Twitter, son.

Why go out of my way to include this one? Because in addition to the whole #IndieIdolWednesday thing and really liking what Ophetan does, she just so happens to be wearing the Little Red Riding Hood outfit that I was gushing over a few weeks back. We came full circle, you guys!

Different outfit, but can you deny that my girl has impeccable style? You cannot.

*Like so many good things in idol, she’s based out of Osaka. Must be something in the water.