Maybe Don’t Watch This MV If You Have Epilepsy

Watashi, Mugendai! Truth be told, this group is fairly new to me. I don’t really know any of the members by heart yet, couldn’t really write a whole paragraph on them if you demanded it. But still, as I really enjoyed their “Vibrator” single from last year, I was very excited to see this new music video pop up in my YouTube subscriptions today.

Do you get the title of this article now? I don’t even have epilepsy and my eyes still hurt. But, it’s a fun song regardless, that makes me want to go even deeper into the “PUNKY&FUNNY” world of Watashi, Mugendai. It’s been almost a year since their debut single, so I’m eagerly awaiting their next release. They’ve already revealed themselves as worthy candidates for “Most Poised To Breakthrough in 2020” should they just push out a few more releases, in my opinion.

Also, as I was browsing their twitter just now, what the heck is this!?