May the Good wyenra Thing Be Good Enough to Keep wyenra with Us

Oh sweet, new wyenra MV!


-Price Is Right Losing Horn-

So for our non-Japanese readers who don’t like machine translate, wyenra have a neat new single and MV,  “Youkai Disco”. Great! But if they don’t sell 10,000 copies by a specified about of time, they’re finished. Done. As dead as those ghosts in their newest music video. Well, then.

To be honest, wyenra are a group who I mainly know about through osmosis; some of their songs are good, but most of my knowledge comes from other fans. But still, I don’t want to see those fans disappointed, and “Youkai Disco” is a really, really good song! I think it’s my favourite song by them so far. So I don’t want them to go either!

But on that note, has there been any idols who claimed “We will disband/retire if we don’t sell this many copies!” and actually followed through with it? Off the top of my head I honestly can’t think of any. Let me know if there have been! But for now, time will tell.

Maniac: I can think of one.