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Hey gang, this is just a thank you and quick little update on the outcomes of the idol Match Game thing — I’d share the feedback directly like I do with the other polls, but in addition to these forms having butt output, people put A LOT of detail into their descriptions, and it’d be kind of a cumbersome mess to try to display all at once.

What I can say is this: You’re some clever-ass people.

Basically, because this is how UX works, there were about twice as many responses to the first form (that is, the top vote-getters from the original poll), and the first form’s outcomes were mostly suggesting “logical” connections (“sell Guso Drop to hardcore fans,” “give Fruitpochette to metal people”) that … fit biases? I don’t know. And I mean my biases, not those of the contributors (but also, probably, the contributors). Kamen Joshi was the notable exception, with a split in how people perceive their potential target audience between hard rock fans and pop fans — that’s interesting. Also, BiSH had what you might call “accessibility consensus” in a positive light.

On the second form, the lower-getters, I think there may have been more of a deliberate approach, and I think that’s in part because most of the acts there have a lower absolute level of support among Westerners, but the fans they do have are serious about it. Oyasumi Hologram, for instance, had some nice suggestions (I agree on the they-need-a-band note that most of you shared, btw); somebody thought out loud that Necroma and Yurumerumo! were natural partners because of their ability to sound like whatever they want, and I can’t decide if I think that’s great or greatest. Likewise, to the person who recommended lining up Tsurezure and Funeral Diner, let’s hang out.

Again, thanks for your feedback. I was a little bit surprised by the breadth of your suggestions, and that’s good; boundaries set far apart leave a lot of room for interpretation. I have a lot to think about and work with, and I’ll keep a running tally of my stuff in this thread in the forums, where you are also encouraged to chip in thoughts and ideas.

3 thoughts on “Match Game Recap

  1. I didn’t get to fill it out, but I’ve got thoughts! I’ll jump on the forums this evening*
    * or tomorrow
    * sunday afternoon at the latest.
    I didn’t realize until this week that Passcode was making a bit of a push in English, is that new? If they start posting subtitled videos, then their “viability” gets a HUGE boost as far as I’m concerned.
    Kamen Joshi has a bunch of English stuff on their Youtube channel (where they also post exploitative gravure-type stuff), so between that and their visual gimmicks, they should be an easy sell for [certain types] of [people].

    • Just to add a bit of clarity, “Kamen Joshi Official” YT channel is strictly subtitled videos, well over 300. “Alice Project Official” YT channel is the main one with thousands of videos with only a percentage subtitled.
      As far as “exploitative gravure”, I think a distinction should be made between teen idols and adult women. None of the girls in Kamen Joshi are under 20 yrs old, and the ones who are involved in the gravure activities, are well into adulthood(Erina is 25, Misa Kubota is 23, Anna is 24 and so on).
      As far as demographics is concerned and broader appeal, drawing a substantial female base is key. I can point you to a number of videos/special events of The Kamen Joshi playing to 100% female only audiences. If you’ve never seen girls lifting girls, It’s really something unique.

      • Yep, definitely a huge difference between teens doing gravure and adult women. I mean like, Erina is such a fucking goddess, she gets to do whatever the hell she wants. She’s like the face of idol these days.
        Part of the reason why I liked babymetal is that it’s heavy, but fun music without all the ridiculous screaming.Females don’t like the angry , depressing crap that most metal music features. We want fun.

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