Masks Off! Malcom Mask McLaren Makes Me Malliterative Mometimes

What a terrible title, but I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway! I was flipping through the ol’ Twitter last night and remembered a disconcerting-looking tweet from MMM’s Mone several days ago, and thought I’d check in:

To newer people: When an idol tweets out images of written text, it is almost always a bad thing.

In addition to their second one-man held roughly 30 hours ago to celebrate their anniversary, they were holding a follow-up show “tonight” (now like four hours ago) to celebrate Nao’s birthday. How nice! Except that Nao’s tweets, when run through Twitter’s Bing translator that is mostly garbage, kept saying “thank you” (of course) and “departure” (NOOO!).

But that’s not what was departing it was the masks! And they have an album coming out! And … things! Read more yourself here, but:

  • The masks will be coming off during the performance parts of lives from now on.
  • But they’ll be on the rest of the time (I think I read that right). I want this to include the very fun images they tweet out, finding creative ways to hide their unmasked faces.
  • They debuted a new song, “like_this_sneakers” (I don’t get the underscores); they’ll need to debut a few more to get an album done right!
  • There are photos at the bottom of the article — photos that show the world what MMM really looks like.
  • Yes, I’m making you click through. Give some love.

If you’re unfamiliar with Malcolm Mask McLaren, here’s their latest:

And a full live from the spring:

I actually think that it’s impossible to dislike MMM. You might not favor them or oshi them or whatever, but I wouldn’t believe you if you said you didn’t like them.

7 thoughts on “Masks Off! Malcom Mask McLaren Makes Me Malliterative Mometimes

  1. On one hand, this is probably good, because the masks do muffle their performance a bit. On the other hand, it’s going to totally ruin my one-of-them-is-actually-Kuchisake-onna-and-if-you-oshi-the-wrong-member-you’re-bound-for-a-scissor-based-Glasgow-smile idea
    ..but that might not be worrying many other people..

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