Mashiro Is out of DEEP GIRL

This wasn’t something I wanted to see:

It’s been a year since “I kill,” but the gods don’t like us enough to have sudden out-of-the-blue messages about important announcements be about new releases or tours or anything. And so it was:

Mashiro has withdrawn immediately; DEEP GIRL will keep doing what they do.

She posted a statement to Twitter, translated here in the DEEP GIRL Facebook group:

If anybody has more detail than that, feel free to share. You can go send her your farewell wishes; she’s already out, so if there were any real restrictions on DEEP GIRL members interacting with fans, they probably don’t apply anymore.

Is it inappropriate to pun here? I don’t think so. It’s not like her vocal cords are the cause, or another sudden illness.

Here goes. /deep breath

“I guess she’s not DEEP GIRL anymore.”

Does that scan?

Anyway, good luck to you, Mashiro, and good luck to DEEP GIRL. If more stuff about the future of either comes out, I’ll be sure to include/update as appropriate.

7 thoughts on “Mashiro Is out of DEEP GIRL

  1. For more sad translations, come give me a follow on twitter! @Kayseurounet
    Joking, I don’t really translate much, but I do enjoy advertising myself.

    Anyway, I already expressed my thoughts on that FB group or on twitter, but if I had anything to add, I see a lot of people spitting on DG’s management. But after reading her message I’m starting to think that, maybe, just maybe, Mashiro may have been one of the cause of DG’s inactivity (’cause covers don’t count). I mean, just look at her wording, she expresses several times people “waiting for her” — that could mean a lot or nothing, but she IS the most popular member of the group and if, for whatever reason, she ended up unavailable, maybe it hindered the management’s planning.
    Adding that to the two members quitting right after I kill, and her throat surgery at the end of the year, there might actually only have been a 8-months-long window to do something. If she was busy during the last 2, that makes things pretty short.

    Oh well I feel like I’m just letting my thoughts rambling now, and it might all be just my imagination. BUT if there’s any kind of truth in that, it means Deep Girl could actually start anew were they to actually do some proper auditions now.

    Although in reality, I don’t expect them to last much longer and just disband after a couple of more lives.
    Hopefully Mashiro will be successful in whatever she’s doing now and will return to the scene once she’s done, as she’s saying.

    • These are all good points. I’ll join you and admit that my interest in DEEP GIRL went from just better than 0 when they debuted to somewhere in the 90s when they released the single … to gradually dwindle as the year went on and it was obvious that their management had no interest in doing very much with the group.

      Just give Non a jazz band and a reality TV show, and we’re all good.

  2. Not surprised, one could have known this was coming weeks back. Still disappointing to actually see it happen though. It’s been about a year and a half since their debut and DEEP GIRL had only taken a few steps forward. They literally had to introduce some personal incentive rewards just to sell their first single (dinner date, ear cleaning, onsen) and though their 2nd single “I kill” was met with massive adoration overseas the lack of effort and promotion by SHOWROOM made it lose steam in Japan. With it’s awareness on bullying and suicide that single could have really helped them get to some major moves.

    Also I’m sure Mashiro is tired of straining her voice. Going from a maid cafe to idol group Iketeru Hearts to DEEP GIRL, this was her first job as singing for a heavy music act. Using a moe voice as she did in the past did not require such intensity before. I don’t know if this other work she speaks of is going to be Idol but I’m predicting it’s going to be modeling. She obviously gets the most attention for her looks so she’s perfect for it and I’m sure many businesses will hire her to endorse their products.

    We shouldn’t get sad or angry when an idol quits/graduates/gets fired but it’s going to happen unless you’re devoid of all human emotion. The main thing idols do is pander to emotion which systematically forms a bond with them. They cry, the fans cry. Hell some Idols are even able to form tears on cue just to play into the emotional side of things. The sad part is it’s ultimately a business and to executives and investors these girls are expendables. Pawns on a chess board. So if one goes they move on immediately hoping for the next best thing though looking for any girl just as good to fill that spot.

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