Mark Your Calendars for Ladybaby’s New Single, Cuz That’s about All We Know

I actually kind of chuckled at this at first because, after Jordan shared it, practically zero information showed up online. Yes, there’s the CDJapan listing … with a date. That’s it! No title, no hint of number of tracks, just April 12.

Even the official announcement is wonderfully subdued:

“We don’t have a title, but you bet we have in-store release events scheduled. Get your cheki tickets now!

I’m interested to see how this one does. It’s their second release on King Records, but we’re coming up on a good stretch of time since Ladybeard left the group, and this’ll be just two singles since and not a whole lot of live performances. I get that Rei’s kind of busy with Brats and Rie’s involved here and there and they both do a lot of Ladybaby-related stuff that isn’t necessarily live performances (because they’re idols, see). But people started saying right after the Beard’s departure that a lot of the charm was going with him, and a lot of interest at that, and I’d say that this is probably the put-up-shut-up moment; the last single wasn’t bad by any means, but they’re still chasing after the raging success of “Nippon Manju” and now don’t have a novelty factor to help that along.

Also, does it say anything to anybody else that they’re still citing Ladybaby very, very deliberately, rather than just sticking with the original name or changing to something more appropriate?

Anyway, more details to come, I’m sure. I hope it’s at least as good as “Renge Chance.”