I hate forgetting about idol units. I particularly hate forgetting about idol units that are part of stables that I happen to appreciate, like Daichi’s A-minor; shorn as it is of Guso Drop and kinda-sorta Saki and Fumimi (and whatever in-between world Zekkyou currently inhabits), there’s still more there than just Chikeblo. And that more? HIMEGOTTO ZETTAICHI!

But did I forget about them? Kind of. One of you kids were sharing them on Facebook the other day, and I made myself a literal head-slap moment because, wtf Maniac, don’t you remember how much you appreciated one of the most disturbed-yet-accessible units out there?

The news is, they’re putting out a single, with a still-indeterminate release date:

The general details:

I have to say, I dig the black/white plus/minus concept. The music’s pretty solid, too; there’s something about the juxtaposition of Daichi’s harder-edged songwriting and very kawaii voices that’s exceedingly extra, and I enjoy extra when it’s properly applied.

This post was held up for a minute because their one-man was over the weekend, and I wanted to see if anything would come of it, like … another one-man!

There’s also something about getting drunk with the members; what the heck is the legal drinking age in Japan?

The one-man: