March of the PIGGS

I’ve just always wanted to title a post this, thanks Lui

The new PIGGS single hits stores in a few days, and mid-last week they released the second MV from it (first), and it’s still not the title track, so that leaves a great deal of hope in there being yet another video coming our way. But for the whole reason that I got a NIN vibe before even listening to the thing, here’s “Piggy”:

I’m ever so thankful for what I’ve seen people call “90s revival” really having a moment lately. It most recently came up in discussion about Poppy’s most recent digital single, which is so Garbage that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Shirley Manson was behind it; “Piggy” here is actually really similar in that respect, and by that I mean the Garbage thing, or any of several other bands that emerged in the mid-90s doing modern takes on rock that dabbled in newfangled production methods and the incorporation of industrial and electronic elements that typified what I always experienced as a musical pop culture very interested in taking chances, trying new things; just a few years prior, “college rock” and “alternative rock” were very scene-specific and maybe critically acclaimed but never too mainstream, and then it smelled like teen spirit and suddenly rock was a very different animal.

And if that doesn’t describe Pour Lui’s whole career, I don’t know what does.

But yeah, “Piggy” has so much of that energy and is such a divergence from “LINK EMOTION” that I genuinely wonder what “VISITOR” is even going to sound like. And that’s such a good and cool feeling.