Man, NECRONOMIDOL’s European Tour Keeps Getting More Interesting

The weirdest stuff happens sometimes, you guys, and in weird clusters.

We’ve known about Necroma hitting France and Italy this summer for a while, and it’s been pretty seriously suspected that there was more in the works than just what we knew. Ricky even kind of hinted at it during a recent twitcast.

So when Terry got wind of a London show (via), the hype machine started to heat up.

Ain’t no hype machine no more!

Get your tickets here!

But that’s not even all!


This was based on a rumor that Felix was sharing, about there being extra Necroma headlining an idol card in France, and while it’s true that Necroma’s headlining, it’s not what people believed to be true. The details are here, and also like that Facebook page to continue to follow this tour.

Regardless, you European jerks are jerks and very lucky. You’ll get to have your souls devoured by unspeakable extradimensional horrors way before those of us in the Americas.

Meanwhile, Kerrie’s going, but you can help to make her trip a more comfortable one (and help her score lots of merch):

Yes, her goal’s been met, and I’m still going to send her a nice little chunk of change in thanks for a lot of work over the last … holy crap, almost a year. But if you enjoy her work on H!P idols and of course Fridays, send her a few bucks so she can live out her dream of multiple Sari chekis. AND provided that Mr. Wilson is okay with it, the Weeaboo Witch will join the ranks of live idol interviewers for, and our very bestest supporters will get to form up the questions!

3 thoughts on “Man, NECRONOMIDOL’s European Tour Keeps Getting More Interesting

  1. I’m genuinely confident that Necroma will come to the USA. It may not be this year, but by next year I’m just about certain. I think Ricky knows they can make this work. I know the performer visa issues with the USA are a mess, and it prevents a lot of Japanese acts from even trying, but the market is here and they’ve got an American manager in their favor. I’m stashing away some cheki money.

    (Also, Hint to Ricky: Richmond, VA ranks #5 of “Most Metal Cities in the USA” and I know people here will go nuts over them. Hometown of GWAR, man!)

    Lastly, Kerrie may have technically met her goal, but needs to be able to buy some merch. You can’t enter a potential vortex of the Netherworld and not get a t-shirt! 😀

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