Malcolm Mask McLaren Makes Me Mirthful

I can play this alliteration game all day, people. Don’t even try me

While the pre-Corenament is winding down, it’s always fun to look back in on idols that you might not have thought of in a while, but who are consistently busy working and putting out all kinds of entertain. Or, in some cases, they just pop right out for you with something fresh to check out!

In this case, Malcolm Mask McLaren (currently duking it out in the Clash Legacy Conference) shared some older video of their set at Idol Koushien (you know, that show that I stayed up late to watch and then never made it far enough to get to the good stuff).

I don’t know if that was a look-we’re-alive kind of thing, or what, but I’m glad to have seen it because I saw that MMM has something cooking.

“Oh look, a one-man,” you say, but look at that title of the thing. What’s up? I know a few of you follow MMM, so would you mind illuminating us as to anything that might be pending?

The rest of you: Happy Friday. Go help to set the Corenament field. Live long and prosper.

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