Make Sure Not to Skip over This REGiNA KiSS Song

Goodness gracious, will REGiNA KiSS ever stop putting out videos for iDOL SHREDDER? They did say that they were going to be releasing an MV for every song on the album, IIRC, and at this rate they’re getting very close to that. Have mercy.

Anyway, I drooled a little over the last track that they videoed, but this one is the hands-down best and might top their entire catalog to date:

I deadass love this song. I even went so far as to put it on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist, I believe their first time. And that’s not damning with faint praise at all! My approach to the Playlist has (when I remember to touch it up) always been to emphasize quality and representation over completionism, so if I want something to be on it, it’s because I think that a new person (and/or a fanatic, either way) will get something from the experience of hearing the song or watching the video.

In this case, the video’s not going to win any awards unless there’s a really obscure category that’s only included in the show because of tradition and in fact is given out during the commercial break or the pre-show, but it doesn’t matter because the song is what matters, and it’s over some kind of top and I love it.

If the band were to break up tomorrow, they could hang their hats on this whole album, to be frank, but they’d want to extra hang their hats on this particular song. And maybe that’s the best thing about this project: All five people involved clearly love the hell out of what they’re doing and want to do it as much as possible.