Make Some Noise for the BOYS(GROUP)

First article of 2023 and already a strong contender for worst headline of the year. Can we entice you to not close the page with a new music video?

If you’re not too familiar with the news that WACK has a boy group now, aptly named BOYSGROUP, that video was probably a bit of a shock. “Isn’t this just a normal boy group song?” we hear you ask and the answer is… Yeah.

Coming into the debut album from boy group BOYSGROUP, titled “WE are BOYSGROUP”, and expecting something other than boy group music might leave you a little disappointed. In this case, “boy group music” does literally refer to almost the entire spectrum of male idol music that’s ever been popular in Japan – the album is basically like a sampler of “here’s what a WACK boy group could do”, and the answer to that is “everything.”

From chilled out intro track “BG” to Johnny’s esque “Feeling” to mid 2010’s Kpop “WACK Number Calling”, there isn’t a corner of the mainstream men’s idol sphere left unexplored. “Nyanchuu” is a little stand-out in the sense that most male idols probably do not have songs written by Seiko Oomori about waking up in a woman’s body and not completely hating it. Jarring key changes and lyrics, but that’s a good thing! Pretty WACK-y, ey.

We specify mainstream because there isn’t really any sort of trace of men’s chika idol present on the album. For the clueless with free time, check out our article on that since it is quite different to the girls adorning our esteemed blog. For people that need a quick summary: imagine if visual kei was made by evil, sexy clowns. Of course this is by design; BOYSGROUP are meant to emulate popular male idols and not their edgier underground counterparts. It’s not meant to be subversion or parody like some have latched onto just because of their own interpretation of WACK, it’s just idol. Idol with a crass logo, but idol nonetheless. An alternative blog writing about this might feel a little out of place but hey, good music is good music. Did we mention that “Nyanchuu” is good music? It’s really good music.

Overall, BOYSGROUP are definitely the boy group for fans of boy groups. A man’s boy group, if you will. WACK has been diversifying their sound more recently, ASP and ExWHYZ are just straight up pop groups now, so this latest, Kenta-less entry is a fun continued change of pace. So, stream the album! Rin needs the money to pay for college entrance exams.