Maison Book Girl Absolutely Crushed This One

Well, right here in this very spot today, gang, was supposed to be this big primer post for the Tokyo Idol Festival, who to see and where and when. You’ve seen them before if you’ve been around for a while. They’re usually fun to put together, doubly so because they inform how I’m going to be taking in the festival myself, via completely legal and legitimate means and don’t you dare suggest otherwise ha. But like so much else these past several months, that fell by the wayside for want of time. Boo.

Good thing for us that one of the very best things in all of idol this year (and frankly maybe last year too) hit the waves a couple of days ago, and while it took me a couple of days to catch up to it, what Maison book girl is doing here is one of their all-time best things, aurally on point and as perfect a visual accompaniment as you’re likely to get, period. I mean, just soak this in:

Stunning. I was watching the third or fourth time and thinking about how I used to tie myself in knots to keep from doing anything MBG-related on the site, as they certainly had the cool cred but always felt more like an art pop performance kind of thing as opposed to, you know, idols who are loud. And they’re still not loud! It’s just that sometimes a little bit of mission creep works in the favor of the broader goal, and yeah, you’re out of your gourd if you’re approaching idol as a music fan and Maison book girl isn’t on your list.

This is their newest single, “umbla”, which is absolutely perfectly titled if you take the r/l thing into account and then either realize what you’re looking at or do a little Google-fu. It ain’t exactly what you’re probably expecting in the summertime, but who cares? It even comes with the added benefit of sounding like a Maison book girl song without sounding like every other Maison book girl song (a totally fair criticism that I personally indulge in lots of the time). And considering what I’ve been listening to while working lately (90s and more 90s), it completely hit the spot.

Enjoy this interview about the particulars:

I also enjoy the fact that MBG, who are a pretty sizable indie sort of deal in their own right, are completely eschewing the TIF madness to hold their own one-man in direct competition with the biggest idol event in the world.