Let’s Put Some Hocus-Pocus Focus On MagicTime…

In our secret high-level Homicidols share-holder’s meetings, we sometimes bounce around stuff that one of us has discovered just to toss it out there to be shared amongst us, or to possibly consider it’s inclusion in Maniac’s Weekender, if not a full article in it’s own right. Today we’ve got something that Chris came across and brought to our attention. Whether it’s true sorcery or merely an illusion, I found myself taken in by their spell, so ladies and gents, please note that there’s nothing up my sleeves as I present MagicTime

Now I don’t know a heck of a lot about MagicTime other than they’re from Osaka, kick-started their activities in February of this year, and around six months later they still have the same three members, which in the idol world is quite an achievement! The members are Natsuki, Shizuku, and Mio. Natsuki (Megane girl) is the leader and Shizuku is also part of a duo called Strawberry♡Smile. Mio appears to have a superpower but we’ll get to that later. Now let’s check out their recent MV!

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I always find this kind of low-budget under-underground chika stuff wonderfully endearing. I think it’s fabulous that technology has come around to a point where music can be recorded and produced at home, and one can assemble a fun, serviceable music video with a minimum of investment. More power to em’!  And the group themselves are quite charming, giving off that “trying-their-best” energy that sells what idols, especially the indie kind, are all about, and makes them worth promoting as best as we can with this blog. Chris and I both liked their flannel-clad lumberjack look here too. We need more “woodsy” idols! 

Oh, and I mentioned Mio having some sort of superpower… check out that kookiness at the 3:25 mark. Apparently if you lightly pop her on the back of her head her eyes glow and a beam of light shoots from her mouth cause hey, why the heck not? That was the touch of randomness that won me over here. I guess that’s the magic in MagicTime!

Aside from a few more short clips and some photos, there’s not much more about the group I know about just yet. I also found an earlier MV, but that’s about it. The group is still pretty green and you have to start somewhere after all…

Here’s that other MV, a lovely ballad at that!

If you’d like to delve deeper into the powers of MagicTime, here’s some more links for you:

Official Twitter          Natsuki Twitter          Shizuku Twitter          

Mio Twitter                YouTube                           Their BASE shop      

Will MagicTime flourish like a wand that transforms into a bouquet of flowers? I’d like to hope as much, so let’s not let them just pull a vanishing act. Only time will tell, but by all means, I encourage all of you to offer them a little support as best you can!